Moonshine Media consults on the production of media from conceptualization to publication and delivery to an audience — from origination of words and images to commissioning of service providers to delivery of the finished product to a waiting audience.


Director Dominique le Roux has nearly 20  years of media experience – as a writer, magazine editor, book publisher, web content manager, television presenter and photographic agent. While her forte is still in creating and managing project-specific teams, Dominique is increasingly drawn to the small untold stories that she can relay herself, as writer, photographer, videographer and distributor. With a history in Africa, she is now based in Asia.



2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Dominique, I am a photographer based in Cape Town and am about to embark on a journey to India. I found moonshine media online and wanted to find out a little more about what you do. I want to try and do something with my images when I return and thought you could offer some guidance.

    Thanks for your time.

    Coco Van Oppens
    083 325 2975

    • Greetings, Coco. Wishing you a wonderful trip to India!
      I’ve taken a quick look at your site, which offers me a very small insight into some of your work, but still your query is very vague. I think best is that you take your trip and see where it leads, documenting the impressions and stories that emerge as fully and wholeheartedly as possible, and then we can speak upon your return.
      I operate on a consultancy basis, and usually start work with new clients by exploring what it is they want to achieve, what their story is, and who they want to tell that story to. We then develop a business plan towards achieving their dream, with me available to help fill in the gaps and the areas in which they feel they need guidance or support.
      First up for you is to work out what your story is, who you want to tell it to, and why.
      Best of luck

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